Corn Starch Water Bottle
Milly Green

Corn Starch Water Bottle

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Keep hydrated with this BPA free reusable water bottle from Milly Green which is made from cornstarch. This is a great size for a long day out (750ml), to keep at the office or just as a back up in the car. It has a flick open nozzle, and a handy holder for easy carrying.

Material: Cornstarch (PLA) & BPA Free

Weight: 0.11kg

Care: Not suitable for the dishwasher or microwave. Due to the nature of the sustainable materials used, please wash with warm soapy water at no more than 30 degrees

The bottle is made from plants which are a bi-product of the corn industry and is100% biodegradable 

The lid and straw are recyclable PP (Polypropylene) 

Produces less greenhouse gas emissions

Reduces plastic waste