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Norse Razor

Norse Razor

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Brilliant for those looking to reduce their plastic use - popular with men and women this double edged razor will last for years. Made in the UK from steel, brass and chrome, the razor comes with 5 blades to get you started.

Please note you must be over 18 to purchase this razor.

The team at Norse say: 

The benefits of shaving with a double edged safety razor are:

  1. Single blade so less irritation to the skin, for men this means less rashing and spotting around the neck, for women who shave their legs less itchy grow back and ingrown hairs,
  2. No single use disposable plastic so your environmental impact is reduced,
  3. 200 razor blades cost about £20 so you save a fortune on razor blades.

Sandwich resident Mr Marshall sent us this feedback after purchasing one of these razors:

Attracted by the sleek and appealing recyclable packaging revealed a truly retro surprise which took me back to my youth watching my father using a razor very similar to this! The assembly is simple and effective making me excited to finally put blade to beard! The first stroke was truly sublime which continued throughout my joyous shave! I’m truly hooked and I must say well done Norse-a truly wonderful product and keep up the good work’  


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