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Perfume mist diffuser - grey

Perfume mist diffuser - grey

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Designed to deliver the perfect amount of scent in minutes, this lovely mist diffuser from Stoneglow creates the perfect mood by gently fragrancing your home. The diffuser can be set to emit scent for 30 minutes, 1h, 2hrs or 3hrs. Perfect if you have people coming over or you want a sustained burst of fresh scent in the home.

Grey matt ceramic with a soft touch finish.


• Low energy LED lights

• Mini humidifier

• Aroma Diffuser: Can be used with ambient lighting or without the light

• The Light: Can be used without the mist for subtle ambience.

• Auto shut off when water runs out for additional safety

UK Plug as standard.

NB: do not pour fragrances oils over the ceramic lid, clean any splashes or drips immediately as this can affect the finish.



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